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Are you a federal employee
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Contract Portal

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Welcome to the Fed-Hurt network of providers. The first step to inclusion in the network is the completion of the Contract Portal. Below is the required information needed to initiate the contracts. Once we receive the requested information, an electronic version of each contract will be sent via email. After they are e-signed by the signee, we will receive notification and countersign. You will then receive the duly executed version electronically. Please save a copy for your records.

Upon receipt of the executed copy, we will send an email for you to provide information to be included in the Provider Portal. This portal will be utilized in collecting the information required for the credentialing process with OWCP, as well as scheduling the Onboarding process. Additionally, there will be a section for your office to schedule your onboarding tutorial, as well as help set up your Dropbox.

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Contract Portal