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The purpose of FED-HURT is to compassionately and professionally assist all Federal employees through their injury recovery and claims management process in order to return to work better than before.


If you are a federal worker that has been injured, you’ve come to the right place.

FED-HURT works for YOU – NOT the government!

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“I would recommend FED-HURT to my co-workers, friends and family. They know their stuff and everyone was always courteous and professional. The plan of care was on point and l was feeling better in months. Thank you again FED-HURT staff.”

– Rolando S. Martinez

Why Choose Us

Patient Commitment

We are not intimidated by the federal workers compensation claims process, nor are we intimidated by your employing agency. We make sure you receive all the medical care, treatment, and physical therapy you need before sending you back to work. We do not cave to the pressures of your employer.

Excellent Care, Treatment and Therapy

Our skilled physicians and medical personnel are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to federal workers compensation and occupational medicine. They offer comprehensive care and treatment to every single one of our patients.

Outstanding Customer Service

Our team is dedicated to providing the very best in patient care and customer service to everyone who comes to our clinic. We work hard to make sure our patients never feel dismissed, neglected, unheard, or unassisted.

Expert OWCP Case Managers

If you file your OWCP incorrectly you could lose the benefits that are rightfully yours. Let our case managers walk you through the process so that you can be confident in your claim and receive your federal workers compensation as soon as possible. We handle claims promptly and efficiently.

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Remember, if you file your OWCP incorrectly you could lose the benefits that are rightfully yours.

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      Get Claims Assistance v2

      Managing a claim with OWCP can be a frustrating process.

      Most physician’s offices or treatment facilities are not experienced in properly dealing with a Federal injury claim.

      We can help you navigate your federal workers’ compensation experience with excellent injury care, expert case management, and continued advocacy throughout the process.

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      “I received quality service from the staff of FED-HURT. I am a Letter Carrier of 36yrs and I have regained my strength and stamina through their professional care. They are thorough in helping with forms, applying treatments and therapy. They were referred to me by my Union Officer and it’s been a very positive experience during troubled times like these.”

      – Lester Barnes

      Top 5 Questions from Injured Federal Employees


      Rich USPS
      Rich USPS
      I was injured on 06/19/2022. I took a nasty fall that broke my L scaphoid, tore ligaments on my L ankle and, twisted my L knee with a small break in the bone. DOL OWCP doesn’t accept many doctors for the multitude of injuries I have. After treating over a year with a previous physicians office that didn’t truly grasp the understanding of navigating the system I looked for another provider. I called DOL Injury Centers on a skeptical whim. Dr. Rob called me back within about an hour wanting to know the details of my case. A first appointment scheduled within 2 days of my call. THIS REVIEW IS NOT COMPLETE I WILL COMPLETE IT ASAP.
      Tae Shepherd
      Tae Shepherd
      I had an interaction over the phone with Kinya regarding a mutual patient for which we were communicating via phone as there is a distance between us. She was very helpful, professional yet personable and happy to help us get everything we needed to make everything as smooth as possible for the patient. Very much a positive experience professionally!
      Chan Jones
      Chan Jones
      Great customer service Dr Robert pointed in the right direction to getting the information I needed to help better understand my situation
      Dr Rob took his own personal time to speak with me about my work injury. He provided sound advice and information to assist me in navigating the OWCP process to ensure my injuries are documented and addressed properly.
      I am a federal officer for over 18 years and i was injured on the job October 2021. Anyone knows that workers comp is a complete NIGHTMARE to navigate but FEDERAL OWCP is 100 times worse ! No one wants to help and the nurse assigned to your case does NOT have your best interests in mind ! Luckily i found out about DOL Injury Centers and it has been a complete blessing ! Doctor Kustin, Mike, Jerome, Ryan, Page and Dr Driscoll have all assisted me every step of the way ! They know how to navigate the complicated forms and procedures and were able to get my claim approved within a MONTH, which is record time when dealing with the bureaucracy that is the federal government ! Thanks to THEM i am 100% back to work with zero issues ! If you are a federal employee that has been injured on the job look no further - the team at DOL Injury Centers is here to get you back on track !!
      Lester Barnes
      Lester Barnes
      I received quality service from the staff of Dol Injury Centers. I am a Letter Carrier of 36yrs and I have regained my strength and stamina through their professional care. They are thorough in helping with forms, applying treatments and therapy. They were referred to me by my Union Officer and it's been a very positive experience during troubled times like these.
      Dianna Isaac
      Dianna Isaac
      My experience has been nothing less than wonderful! The Facility is nice and clean and the staff is wonderful! I am always met with a smile and super friendly demeanor of Ryan and Paige as they stick to their covid guidelines of taking your temperature and instructing you to go wash your hands before you began treatment! Awesome to see that after some have gotten a little laxed on the covid restriction. This makes me feel safe. The guys in the back Michael and Jerome know their stuff, they are very attentive to your needs through your recovery process. I like that they can point and explain to you what they are doing and how it help to get you functioning better. On a whole I am being well taken care of and I highly recommend DOL Injury centers. Ryan, Paige, Jenni, Jerome, and Michael, I give you a high 5! Thanks guys you are awesome!
      Aitanga Irish
      Aitanga Irish
      The best facility for Rehab and the best Doctors They explain me so well my injury and how they can help me to get back little by little recovery. Thank you DOL injury Center. The staff very professional to assist with any work claim and will get the resolution. Thank you.