Imagine a world where you are injured on the job and your manager or supervisor will not provide you with any direction to receive the care you need. Or the paperwork for your medical treatment is so complicated even your doctor gives up. And to further complicate receiving medical care, the government’s website is a jumbled mess of confusing prompts that lead to nowhere.

In 2017, Dr. Kustin launched Fed-Hurt in Florida and began providing care for ALL injured Federal Employees throughout the state. In the time since opening, Fed-Hurt has simplified the ability to receive care. From Hurt to Help, there are three easy steps: call our office, consult with one of our OWCP agents, and receive care with one of our medical providers. Today, Fed-Hurt is one of the nation’s largest physician-owned physical medicine companies providing care and claims management for ALL injured Federal Employees.

The horror stories told to us by claimants that had their claim denied ran the gamut of living out of their cars, having to claim bankruptcy, to being forced to drive four hours to receive treatment. Patient after patient described unacceptable experiences, beginning with their supervisor not helping them open their claim to the difficulty finding a provider on the OWCP website. This was further compounded by the labyrinth of paperwork, as well as the incompetence of doctors the claimant chose to assist them with their care. Dr. Kustin had heard enough! Hearing about these experiences is what led us to get clear on our Why — and that is, to help every Federal employee get the care they need and provide that care with compassion and professionalism. These are the people that deliver our mail and medicine, protect our borders, patrol our national parks, and safeguard our capital. They deserve better.

Our story begins in 1998 with the opening of Pembroke Pines Physicians Associates, under the guidance of Dr. Robert M. Kustin. His philosophy regarding patient care was simple: provide a solution-based treatment plan for those in need. In essence, be a beacon of hope for those that can benefit from our services the most. After 20 years of practicing within a medical group specializing in Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and Physical Medicine, he decided to concentrate on one segment of the population very much in need. Federal employees.

Our practice emphasizes the following:

1. Providing claimants with a qualified medical provider without an approved claim.
2. Rendering the appropriate treatment before a claim is issued.
3. Getting a claim accepted.
4. Adjudicating the claim if it was denied.

Our mission at Fed-Hurt is to get every qualified claim approved, PERIOD. Everyone on our team does this by being committed to the process and by focusing on one thing, injured Federal Employees. Fed-Hurt is one of the largest full-service physician-owned providers of Physical Medicine and Claims Management in the country. We oversee each claim from the initial examination to approval. This is all we do.