OWCP Injury Claims

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You may not realize it, but if you file your claim incorrectly, you are at risk of losing your benefits. This is certainly something you will want to do everything in your power to keep from happening. Because of this, we highly recommend allowing one of our OWCP experts to help you with the entire claims process. They are well equipped to handle any situation and have years of experience with the process. Here are some ways they can help you.

Years of Experience and Care

You will need care and support through this process, and our federal workers’ compensation doctors are here to help. When it comes to your claim, they will take care of the documentation with the utmost professionalism. This allows you to get your compensation to which you are entitled. They will also provide you the medical care that is required and needed. Measures will be taken to help prevent future injuries from taking place.

In-Depth Industry Knowledge

By staying on top of industry trends by training and reading, our workers’ compensation doctors are very knowledgeable in their fields of practice. This allows you to receive the correct medical attention and gives them the ability to deal with federal agencies even if they are overly intimidating. These are things your regular doctor most likely isn’t equipped to handle. Our OWCP specialists are able to handle even the most complicated OWCP claims.

Our OWCP Professionals Provide Excellent Communication

During these stressful times, you will inevitably have several questions, and they are questions your regular doctor is likely not able to handle. Being dedicated to open communication, our doctors are well-qualified and available to answer all of your questions. You can count on them taking the time to listen to you and address your concerns. In order to save any unnecessary trouble in the future, your doctor will take the time to ask the right questions in order to get your paperwork processed correctly.

Contact our workers’ compensation doctors in Fort Lauderdale to get the help you need today!