As we have stated in previous postings getting injured on the job for a majority of governmental employees is not a matter of if, but when.

As we approach the summer months and the workload becomes more difficult because of the heat, several precautions should be utilized to avoid on the job injuries.

The first and most important aspect of injury prevention, is performing your job to the standards of your job classification in your training manual. First, this alleviates any objections by OWCP from employee error in case you do get injured and secondly the proper way to perform your task has been shown to reduce the chances of injury.

That first and most important aspect of injury prevention is warming up. Prior to performing your required task warming up the muscles and or stretching is the first order of the day. Whether you are working as a data entry clerk or a letter sorter, warming up will greatly reduce both traumatic and repetitive stress injuries. The repetitive nature of most governmental jobs, as well as increased workload, can cause excessive stress and strain on a cold muscle. By warming up prior to getting started, the joints become lubricated and the muscles will have increased blood flow enabling you to perform better.

The second and most often overlooked injury prevention technique, is proper hydration. As stated previously, the summer months are upon us and the weather can be a very large contributor to fatigue and over exertion. By properly hydrating with water (sorry, not soda) the body has a chance to replenish what you lose in sweat. The muscles can properly function, and your core body temperature will be regulated. Also, wearing protective covering will guard against the sun and keep you insulated from the dangers of the heat.

The third and final tip for injury prevention is having a game plan for your day. Knowing what your tasks are and how you are going to approach it will reduce your chances of injuries. By planning your route, organizing your truck or work station will create a sense of order and alleviate any missteps along the way.

By following these tips we hope that you will be able to avoid any on the job injuries. But should the unfortunate occur, please remember to contact you supervisor immediately and seek medical attention. Have a great summer.