For all intense and purposes this Blog is as much about how things get done as it is a testament to how important it is to pick the right OWCP provider.

Our facility has treated literally thousands of injured patients throughout our 20-year history. The tale of patient Z strikes me not only as a challenge clinically, the patient had multiple injuries compounding the difficult healing process. But additionally, her case was complicated by incompetent narratives, incorrect diagnosis and delayed referrals to appropriate specialists interfering with her return to pre-injury status.

This patient came to us out of sheer frustration from her current providers. Needless to say she was a bit skeptical moving her case to our office. However, we assured her we have a tested system for report writing and will dissect every last OWCP denial in order to determine the reason her claims were being denied. She agreed, and we began the difficult task of recreating her treatment history in order to deconstruct the mistakes the previous office created. Additionally, we made appointments with MRI facilities and leveraged our relationships with other OWCP providers to get her seen by a specialist. Further, we initiated a hands-on therapeutic rehabilitation program with our therapists in order to begin proper healing.

Both processes were slow and there was some doubt on each of our parts regarding weather or not her claim would get approved. At one point after our second resubmission we almost lost hope. But low and behold after almost 9 months, patient Z called our office screaming “they accepted our claim, they accepted our claim!” I am getting chills as I write this because of all the hard work our team put in on this case. We all celebrated and realized that as one of our offices’ sayings go, “It’s either done! or Not done!”

Our office is dedicated to the help and relief of all Federal Employees and their injuries. D.O.L. Injury Centers will not rest until we get your claim accepted and back to work. Because at the end of the day, “We Deliver – Because You Do!”