Federal employees working for the USPS have specific job requirements that oftentimes place undue stress and strain on the body. The type of job that you are required to do as well as the environmental factors associated with that job will increase the likelihood of injury in most cases. Those factors are weather conditions, increased deliveries during peak times of the year, worn or inoperable equipment and poor job ergonomics. All these factors including the general health of the carrier, sorter, clerk and support staff contribute to the probability of suffering an on the job injury. The likelihood of suffering an injury on the job far exceeds the probability of not getting hurt in comparison to the civilian population.

So, the question should be raised, “where should I go when I get hurt?”
The answer should be simple, but we are dealing with the government after all. Not all doctors and offices are created equal in the eye of OWCP. First, a doctor must be registered with OWCP to treat any Federal Employee that suffers an on the job injury. Secondly, not all offices that are registered with OWCP understand the mountains of paperwork involved in getting a claim approved. And third, the quality of care and treatment outcomes of some facilities are sub optimal for the types of injuries Federal Employees suffer on the job.

The right office to go for treatment when you get injured should possess a combination of superior clinical skills, report writing expertise as well as caring compassion and patience in relation to the OWCP process. DOL- Injury Centers are comprised of caring medical professionals and support staff dedicated to helping each Federal Employee recover from their injuries. Our primary goal is to help return each injured employee back to pre-injury status. We accomplish this by walking each claimant through their paperwork and explaining the injury recovery process step by step. Whether you are a CA1 or CA2 your treatment and subsequent recovery of your injuries is our main priority. We will not rest until the proper documentation of causation is completed correctly. Most importantly you will receive expert hands on care from our Medical providers and Therapists. We know that you can choose any provider for your care, so we treat you as if this is the only center that you would ever want to go to.